Enbackens Musteri & farm shop

Farm shop in Munkfors with seasonal products. Here you will find musts, marmalades and dried products amongst others.
In addition to various kinds of musts of apples and pears, there are also mulled wine, dried fruits, dried mushrooms, juice, chutney, jam, pickled pears and apples.
Enbackens Musteri is keen that the products should have a clear and good taste without overcomplicated flavor combinations. It should taste like you remember it from the past!
During SM i Mathantverk (Swedish Championship competition in food crafts) 2014, Enbackens Musteri came in second place and won silver. This for their strawberry drink with the motivation - "Tasty drink with very Swedish flavors, strawberry and apple."

Enbackens Musteri also purchase apples, pears, berries and rhubarb.

During the summer you can visit Enbackens Musteri to have a coffee, shop in the store and pat the animals on the farm.
Enbackens Musteri
Mossängsvägen 186
684 91 Munkfors
Pensionat Enbacken
Mossängsvägen 186
684 91 Munkfors
Municipality: Munkfors
Enskilt läge med Klarälven och naturen runt knuten.
You will be notified of directions and routine for key pick-up as soon as possible after booking.
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