Klarälven FVOF within Hagfors Kommun

Klarälvens FVOF offers the general public pole fishing against payment of fee. Welcome to Hagfors Touristinformation to buy a fishing license.
The area covers about 70 km of the river Klarälven from the municipal border in the north just south of the Åstrandsbridge to the municipal border in the south towards Munkfors municipality by Enån. In addition we find some tributaries of which Acksjön and Acksjöälven is the greatest.

Klarälvens FVOF offers the general public fishing against payment of fee. Age limit 16 years. Within the distance there are five power plants that affect the fishing. Upstream it is calmer water while downstream rapids are formed which are partially suitable for fly fishing.

Winter fishing? FVOF would not like to recommend ice fishing since the water level in the river always varies and treacherous currents are produced which affect the ice.

Year 150 SEK
Week 100 SEK
Day 50 SEK

You can buy a fishing license by Hagfors Touristinformation and adjoining shops.

FISHING RULES for Klarälven upstream from Edforsen to the bridge in Åstrand: Hooke salmon and trout must be put back in water.
Graylings bigger than 45 cm must be put back in water. Minimum size 30 cm.

FISHING RULES for Klarälven downstream from Edsforsen and to the border to Munkfors:
You are allowed to catch one Salmon and trout per person per day. Minimum size 60 cm.
You are not allowed to catch salmon or trout between 1st of September-1st of December.
Otherwise no limitations.

FISHING RULES in Acksjön and Acksjöälven:
It's forbidden to catch salmon, trout and crawfish.
Otherwise no limitations.

Salmon and trout that has been caught between Edsforsen and Skymnäs are reported to:
+46 563 420 64 or +46 70 686 17 52

FVOF wishes you luck with your fishing!
Klarälvens FVOF
683 30 Hagfors
Klarälven i Hagfors Kommun
683 61 Ekshärad
Municipality: Hagfors
Klarälven är omkring 460 kilometer lång. Nästan 300 kilometer av floden är belägen i Sverige, främst i Värmland, men även i viss mån i Härjedalen. Efter inflödet i Sverige i nordligaste Värmland följer Klarälven en rak sprickdal söderut, Klarälvdalen, där den bildar imponerande meanderbågar på en sträcka av 90 kilometer. Vid Edebäck har dalgången fyllts igen av stora isälvsavlagringar, och Klarälven har tvingats in i en ny västligare fåra med flera vattenfall och forsar.
On the east side of Klarälven river. 500 m from the centre of Ekshärad. 105 km north of Karlstad by road 62.
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Pricetype: Fishing license - Year
Price: 250 kr
Pricetype: Fishing license - Week
Price: 100 kr
Pricetype: Fishing license - Day
Price: 50 kr