Munkfors city walk

The city walk takes you around the central parts of Munkfors, including the beautiful Bruksparken (Mill Park) and Klarälvens highest natural waterfall.
The trail is a total of 9.5 kilometers in varied environments. It is not marked with any color, except for a few places, so you walk around with the help of the hiking map. There is also a separate document with explanations of the numbered dots on the map.

The map and explanations can be found here on the right.
There is also a hiking brochure with all trails which can be bought at the tourist office.

- Loop trail.
- Rest area.
- W.C.
- Biotope/Botanically interesting area.

Natural assets:
The trail passes Videholmen south of Munkfors power station. The islet can only be reached when the water level is low in Klarälven. The islet has a rich stock of Salix daphnoides (european violet-willow), but also the more unusual grass klarälvslem and lundelm, and Barbarea stricta (in Swedish: strandgyllen). Salix daphnoides (european violet-willow) is a red-listed species described as rare. The area on the land side is also botanically interesting with Potamogeton gramineus, Juncus bulbosus (bulbous bush), Juncus Articulatus (jointed rush), Eleocharis acicularis (needle spike-rush), Eleocharis palustris (common spike-rush) and Alopecurus aequalis (orange foxtail). The area is pleasant over all with low-lying terrain towards Klarälven and further up towards the power station is a shelter.
Some caution must be shown as the dammed water is released without forewarning and the flow in the river channel rapidly changes.
Opening hours
Munkfors-Ransäter Turistbyrå
Tallåsvägen 12
684 30 Munkfors
Munkfors-Ransäter Turistbyrå
684 30 Munkfors
Municipality: Munkfors
Du finner oss i Far Inn 62 byggnaden, intill riksväg 62 och mitt emot Coop/ICA Supermarket.
Tallåsvägen 12
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