Styrkan Gym

For you who wish to work out in a pleasant and modern environment.
Started in 1993 and has throughout the years prioritized further education and development. As a new member you will get access to three occasions with a gym instructor. Styrkan also has a wide range of group fitness actitvities to choose from.

A treatment center with chiropractics, massage and diet counseling is available on site.

Since October 2020 Styrkan also houses a padel court, both single and double court. Bookings can be made in the app Playtomic or via the website

Call 0563-150 90 for more information and bookings.

The gym is located in central Hagfors.
Styrkan Healthclub
Petter Fridmans Väg 10
683 30 Hagfors
+46 56315090
Styrkan Gym
Dalavägen 24
683 30 Hagfors
Municipality: Hagfors
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