The Timber Church, Ekshärad

Welcome to make a visit to Ekshärads Timber Church, experience the calmness inside the beautiful church and enjoy a moment among all the plants in the herbal garden!
The timber church, S:t Anna´s chapel was built in 1998 using medieval timber church technique. At the same time the Nidaros Dome in Norway celebrated its 1000-years jubilee and the memory of the pilgrimages in the province was revived. As a result, the building of the timber church became part of an EU-project. When there was no money left the church was only half completed, but it was finished by the Parish group of Ekshärad where the carpenter Gunnar Larsson was the key figure. The foundation stones were laid by representatives from Rome´s and Karlstad´s dioceses, as a reminder of the natural history of the two churches and the role of Ekshärad as a resting place on the pilgrimage from Hammarö to Nidaros (Trondheim, Norway).

Nearby the church, you can find a herbal garden. Most of the plants you find here were also common in a traditional medevial herbal garden!

For a guided tour, contact
Ida Björkman, 076-141 48 53
Opening hours
Open every day between 10 a.m.-6 p.m.
from 22th of June to 13th of September 2020
Ekshärads Stavkyrka
+46 761414853
Ekshärads Stavkyrka
Ekshärads Stavkyrka
c/o Ami Nordqvist
680 60 Ekshärad
Municipality: Hagfors
Ekshärads Stavkyrka är belägen i en naturskön miljö.
1 km south from Ekshärad. Follow the sign Stavkyrka/Nygård.
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