Klarälvsbanan is a wonderfull outdoor experience which constitutes 90 kilometers of car-free asphalt which meanders straight through the landscapes of Värmland, from Karlstad in the south to Uddeholm in the north. You will pass Forshaga, Deje, Ransäter, Munkfors and Uddeholm along the route. Examine the map for details about the trail.

The 90 kilometer railway embankment coated with asphalt
Klarälvsbanan is a disused railway embankment, where the rails have now been removed. The entire track is coated with asphalt and car traffic is strictly prohibited. Klarälvsbanan will take you from an open farmland in the south to the dark and welcoming forest in the north. 
From Karlstad there is a 10 kilometer long connection to Mörudden, Hammarö.

Klarälven is in close proximity
You will always have Klarälven and its sparkling water in close proximity as a faithful companion.

The track becomes a trail from Uddeholm to Sysslebäck
Klarälvsbanan, which is coated with asphalt, ends close to the thick forests surrounding Uddeholm and Klarälvsleden commences. Klarälvsleden is a 120 kilometer long cycle and hiking trail through wilderness and forest roads, from Uddeholm to Sysslebäck.

Karlstad: by the lake of Kroppkärrssjön just opposite the start/end of the bike track.
The beach Kroppkärrsbadet is situated along the road Sjöängsgatan, 4 kilometers east of the city center of Karlstad. The nearest residential area is Södra Kroppkärr and the nearest large road is Hammaröleden, road 236. 
There is a bicycle path passing the beach and the city bus has a bus stop here. By the beach there is a large parking lot that is free of charge and you are allowed to park for maximum 7 days.

Uddeholm - next to the start/end of the track.
A parking lot that is free of charge. There is also a bus stop on road 246, next to the track.


News! Bring your bike on the bus between June 14-August 15. For more information please e-mail info@klaralvsbanan.se.


Start/end Uddeholm Lat 60,025252 Long 13,616807

Start/end Karlstad Lat 60,025343 Long 13,616714

Start/end Hammarö Lat 59,312805 Long 13,498324