Klarälvsleden - 120 kilometer bike trail along old country and gravel roads with a view over the meandering river Klarälven and the wilderness as a neighbour along the trip.

In Uddeholm the bike track Klarälvsbanan ends and the trail Klarälvsleden begins. You choose if you want to continue along the river or pass through the city of Hagfors on your trip north. A couple of kilometers south of Ekshärad you'll pass Sun Dance Ranch, where you can stop for a coffee or treat yourself with a horse ride. Further north you'll find Profossdammen, with possibilities for fishing or sleeping over in the hut. 

The road will now wind uphill towards one of the area's most famous attractions - the beautiful Brattfallet, with nice hiking trails and a waterfall that invites the brave for a swim. From Brattfallet you will now go downhill towards the bridge over to the west side of the river. Here the trail continues on gravel roads and passes by old houses and big mansions.

If you are interested in fishing and the development of the river Klarälven from the Ice Age to today we recommend a visit to Älvens Hus on the east side of the large bridge in Värnäs. If you need any supplies you'll have a small shop at the gas station close by.
The trail goes on along the west side of the river and when you reach Månäs you'll find a wind shelter and a barbecue close to the bridge next to the river, if you need a break.
After a couple of kilometers you will pass the road to Hjällstad. If you want to go to the valley of Fryksdalen on small roads this is a good alternative, but you'll need a good map since these roads aren't signposted.

Klarälvsleden goes on towards Branäs, but before that you will pass the small nature reserve Knappnäs on your right hand side by the river. North from Branäs you can bike over to the other side of the river and visit the museum Utmarksmuseet with the tapestry Pilgrimstapeten and the homestead Dalby Hembygdsgård. All that remains now is the final stage to Sysslebäck where you'll have lots of things to do and see. Don't miss Naturpralinen with a guided tour in the chocolate factory, wonderful pralines and also homemade ice cream.   

Sysslebäck - at Sysslebäcks Bad & Fritid (public indoor pool).
Uddeholm - at the start/end of Klarälvsbanan. Attention! Klarälvsleden starts after a couple of hundred meters on Klarälvsbanan.
Hagfors - at the City Hall.

Start/end Uddeholm Lat 60,025252 Long 13,616807
Start/end Sysslebäck Lat 60,711393 Long 12,884102