From Vänerhav to wilderness

From Lake Vänern to the wild north

Situated in connection with Mörudden and Klarälvsleden (the Klarälven path), Klarälvsbanan (the Klarälven trail) constitutes a 220 km cycle path which runs through the beautiful landscape of Värmland. The paths stretch across Hammarö, Karlstad, Forshaga, Deje, Ransäter, Munkfors, Uddeholm, Hagfors, Ekshärad, Stöllet and up to Sysslebäck. From Vänern in the south, along Klarälven and up into the mountains and forests of the north.


The southern entrance of the Klarälven trail has a signposted cycle route of 10km from Lake Kroppkärr to Mörudden in Hammarö. The route is suitable for cycling and hiking.

Traffic is prohibited on Klarälvsbanan which constitutes 90 km of asphalt on an old disused railway embankment, from Karlstad to Uddeholm. The trail is suitable for cycling and hiking.

At the northern entrance of Klarälvsbanan, Klarälvsleden, follows a 120 km cycle path on gravel and country roads, from Hagfors to Sysslebäck. The path is suitable for cycling and hiking.



Munkfors municipality

- June-August: Ransäter, the stretch Västanå-Munkebol. Due to fiber deployments there may be machines next to or on the track.


- Saturday August 25th there's an event which can lead to a lot of bicycle traffic. A control/safety vehicle has permission from all municipalities to drive on the track .

- Klarälvsloppet is arranged September 22-23.